A pop up box grabbed the attention of top executives

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Experian is a global leader in providing information, analytical tools and marketing services to organizations and consumers to help manage the risk and reward of commercial and financial decisions. They were looking to launch their new ‘Income Insight’ product – a tool for lenders to assess a consumer’s ability to pay before setting credit limits. Previous mailings to high-level executives in financial services organisations had failed to capture their attention – Experian wanted to make a bigger impact. 



Decision makers were mailed a unique, interactive mailing that was designed to first intrigue and then sell. The outer envelope of a simple looking letter featured seemingly equal loan applicants side by side.  Appearing next to them, through a die-cut window, was a question regarding their ability to pay back a loan. The answer was revealed at the pull of a tab. With their interest piqued, executives were sure to open the pack to find out more. Upon unfolding the mailing, a cube popped out and into its full three dimensional shape – each side featured a different loan applicant and more questions regarding their ability to pay back their loan.
Printed on the inside of the envelope was more information about the product and a trial offer.  



The pop up box made the right impact amongst top executives and resulted in a whopping ROI of 3824%.
“The piece was very dynamic and told a clear story. Its format allowed us to address the pain point of our customers and communicate what these businesses want to know.” Marketing Communications Manager at Experian 


Source: Structural Graphics

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