Creative Mailing from Print Power Challenges Common Beliefs About Direct Mail

Sendt av: Print Power 31/10/2016

The two-stage mailing confirms the strong position of Direct Mail in the UK and highlights its effectiveness.

Using recent data from Royal Mail MarketReach and actual cases from the DMA Awards, it demonstrates the ability of Direct Mail to deliver strong business return on investment.

Explore the contents of the Direct Mail pack here.

Beyond immediately measurable returns, research from Royal Mail MarketReach shows that non-measured responses to Direct Mail might add up to as many as five different actions. These include for example, sharing content with friends or relatives, sharing content online, planning future purchases based on a mailing or visiting a physical or online store.


Print Power today issued a Press Release, announcing that; “This Print Power mailing forms part of Print Power’s ongoing campaign to promote the use of print media among brand owners and advertising and media agencies. In the UK, Direct Mail is the third most important advertising channel, with expenditures of £1.8 billion in 2015, while recent research in Germany shows that mailings are the most important channel for large companies. Given the critical importance of Direct Mail, brand owners might want to re-think their budget allocation as their competitors may already be using Direct Mail to gain an advantage. We want brand owners to know about the value of Direct Mail, and as we are in the 2017 budget planning period we wanted to have the mailings on their desks now.”

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