Demographic targeting helped an independent optician catch lapsed customers’ eyes

Sendt av: Elizabeth Tindall 06/01/2017

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Hodd Barnes and Dickins (HBD), is one of the oldest independent opticians in London serving City workers since 1903.  As they are based in the City of London, a large section of their clientele were people who work close to their practice. Therefore, when they move jobs they tend to move opticians.

HBD wanted to target lapsed clients, who had not visited the practice for 2 years, and engage them with an enticing offer to lure them back.


HBD’s starting point was to segment their target audience of 1,500 lapsed clients into four different groups: Male Under 40, Female Under 40, Male Over 40 and Female Over 40.

Each of the four target groups was then sent a different A5 postcard – in a brightly coloured envelope that the optician hoped would increase its chance of being opened. On the front was a model – naturally wearing glasses - who reflected the age and sex of that segment, alongside a headline that tapped into their motivations for visiting the opticians: style/looking good for the younger audience, quality service for the older audience.

On the back of the postcard there was an eye-catching offer of a £50 voucher if they visited the website – via a pURL - and updated their details.  Those who did were followed up with a telephone call to book an appointment.  Customers who didn’t follow their pURL received an email reminder a few days after the mailing and a follow-up email three weeks later reminding them of the voucher offer.


The segmented postcard produced some eye-catching results.  8.26% of lapsed customers visited the landing page  (122 unique visits) and 3.79% (56 people) downloaded a £50 voucher.

HBD reported revenue of over £20,000 from the first sales as a direct result of the campaign. This represents an initial ROI of 500% (the target ROI being 200%) and will be even higher when taking into account the lifetime value of the clients.

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