Forbes magazine first to use Artificial Intelligence

Sendt av: Ulbe Jelluma 29/09/2017

It has been 100 years since Forbes magazine was first published.  Therefore, the Centennial Issue is uniquely special with not only great content but also with the premiere of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) incorporated on the cover of the magazine.

 The American business tycoon Warren Buffet features on the cover and thanks to A.I., for the first time ever he is able answer questions directly from the reader on investment and wealth. The audience are required to go to the dedicated webpage, take a picture of the magazine cover, as featured above, and switch on the microphone to start asking Warren Buffet questions.

The experience is somewhat spectacular as Warren Buffet answers the audience’s questions. The interaction between him and the audience through the smart phones is flawless, he only needs a few seconds to think about the question. 

What A.I. will mean for print media is yet to unveil, however, Forbes proves that A.I. combined with print has huge prospects for the future. A great way to increase the engagement level with readers (therefore making print advertisement more measurable). A.I. can go much further and ‘wilder’ as Saatchi & Saatchi demonstrated with their Toyota campaign in the USA.