German cruise line AIDA increased travel bookings by 30% using multisensory Direct Mail piece

Sendt av: Jess Taylor 09/01/2017



German cruise line AIDA supported by Deutsche post, a German postal company, used Touchmore to produce a piece of multisensory direct mail with the aim to improve brand communication.

They found that customers whom had already enjoyed a AIDA cruise previously, welcomed the direct mailing pieces from the cruise line saying “come back on board soon” Whilst also sending a miniature typical AIDA style fluffy towel and a small fragranced bottle of after-sun lotion.

Olaf Hartmann, CEO of Touchmore Says “It is crucial that the direct mail used multisensory stimuli, as this is the driving force behind purchase behaviour. The effect increases when the sensory information is relevant to buying motivation, in AIDA these motives lie between enjoyment and excitement.


These designs relied upon researched areas that were deemed important to the customers, such as

  1. Sunbathing on the deck and reading a book
  2.  Drinking cocktails beside the pool
  3. On the sports deck playing volleyball

The fragranced after-sun lotion and the AIDA branded towel matched all the ideal activities and appealed to the different senses.

The direct mail piece was sent out between October 2014- April 2015 to 60,000 customers who had recently travelled with AIDA.  To measure the effect of the multisensory marketing technique they created a control group in which 30,000 received the optimum mailing (including the lotion and miniature towel) whereas 30,000 received a standard mailing, containing the printed mail with an identical message however without the added extra towel and lotion. The Siegfried Vögele Institute examined the effect of the direct mail based on each 3,000 surveys in the two target groups


The multisensory direct mail piece received 30% more travel bookings than the standard mailing pack. The multisensory pack also improved people’s perception of the Cruise line - 33% more positive views as well as a much higher recall rate of 22%.

Using a direct comparison between both mailings, although the multisensory mailing was more expensive, the amount of bookings received proved this to be not only successful but economical. Furthermore, the mailings could be seen as not only a sales medium but also a branding tactic; where the customers would highlight the whereabouts of their towel. For example, “good luck charm in my handbag” “depends on my memo board” “It’s an odor mat in my apartment” etc.