How a calendar can open cold cases

Sendt av: Ulbe Jelluma 18/01/2017

We’ve seen interesting creative use of the print medium during the last two months. The Christmas period was the ideal period for the Apple fans to receive the $299 product history book about the Apple products. This coffee table version is like a holy book on the table of the Apple addicted. It is beautifully produced with stunning pictures of these very stylish Apple products. 

“Designed by Apple in California” is a showcase of the visionary design of Steve Jobs and his designers like Sir Jony Ive. The quality of the production of the book is no way short of that of the Apple products with 450 aesthetic, Apple style, pictures (some show the inside details of a MAC); Apple specific paper with a silver edge and the high quality printing. A book with the same distinctive nature as all Apple products. A book that certainly will survive Apple products. And more importantly, it confirms the Apple users why they pay a premium for their computers, tablets and phone. And therefore the book can been seen as longer term investment in creating brand loyalty.

For those who want to have the coffee table version, prices on eBay are €500+. For those not prepared to pay this, there is, inspired the Apple pricing strategy, also a smaller version available at $199. 










Cold cases are an ever-lasting pain for friends and family of the crime victims and also for the authorities involved. Dutch Police has distributed at the start of this year a new 2017 calendar at the Dutch prisons to help solve some of these cold cases.  Every prisoner did receive a calendar with 52 double pages including for each week a description of a cold case. Although the looks of the calendar are definitely very different from the stylish Apple book, the design is most probably more relevant for the target audience.

The thought behind this innovative idea is that prisoners could start talking among them about who might have been involved in certain cases. Some might experience feelings of guilt for their involvement or for the surviving friends or relatives of the victim. Each case offers a reward of at least €15.000. A smart idea originating from a card deck with cold cases used in the USA.  Let's see within a year time whether this has been effective tool.