Intelligent door drop doubles response rate for Storage King

Sendt av: Tandy Wakeford 06/02/2017

intelligent door drop


Audience targeting model creates bespoke store catchments and engages new and lapsed customers.

Whistl’s intelligent use of data analytics generated valuable customer insights used to create an optmium national schedule.


  • Whistl created a sophisticated targeting model using customer spend and profile insight overlaid to Experian Mosaic to determine a strong profile of the Storage King customer
  • The model generated a national view of the most valuable households for Storage King to reach
  • Bespoke catchments were created within an optimum drive time per store
  • A5 2pp Classic door drop format
  • National coverage built using bespoke catchments for each store
  • The creative showcased  the benefits and savings
  • Campaign using Royal Mail distribution method
  • The creative featured a unique URL and telephone number to track campaign impact


  • The Whistl targeting model proved predictive, validating our intelligent planning approach
  • The campaign generated  a response rate of 0.135% (+234% vs. 2014) resulting in a monthly ROMI of £1.42 (+39% vs. 2014)
  • The success of 2015 results have prompted a follow-up campaign, and has enabled Storage King to strategically use door drop media  to support new customer acquisitions  as well as re-activate lapsed customers
  • Storage King will continue to invest in door drop media as part of their overall marketing mix