Speedo uses magazines to rebrand swimwear image with 85% action rate

Sendt av: Jess Taylor 09/01/2017



Speedo decided to revamp their current swimwear image from everyday swimwear brand to an expert swimwear. Also wanted to demonstrate the effectiveness of swimming as a fitness regime; converting people from the gym into the pool. Therefor they chose to use a multi-channel campaign to distribute their message.



Speedo utilized the most relevant magazine titles such as Men’s Health and Women’s Health and Runner’s World empowering their audience to ‘Get Speedo Fit’. The three-month programme campaign chose four participants: a rugby player, novice swimmers and a competitive swimmer assessing how swimming improved their fitness, muscle tone and fat content. This content engaged readers and brought the audience up close and personal with the participants’ journey. The campaign included print advertorials, online articles, videos, newsletters, social media and influencers outreach.



The campaign delivered against its key objectives, with post-campaign analysis showing excellent recall levels, indicating the content was very memorable particularly in print.

The analysis showed 46% of Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Runner’s World audience found the Speedo Get Fit Challenge of interest. The campaign generated extremely high levels of call-to-action, with over 55% of print recalls and 85% of hub visitors taking action.

As a result of the campaign there has been a directional uplift in brand loyalty for Speedo, particularly among Women’s Health and Runner’s World audience.