Will 2017 be the Tipping Point for Print Media?

Sendt av: Ulbe Jelluma 16/12/2016

During 2016 advertising, media and marketing experts have increasingly pointed at a possible review of their media spend. We have already discussed various signs of change in earlier posts when talking about The Pendulum. It seems that all of these indicators of an attitude change come together and that 2017 might well become the year when advertisers and their agencies will review their choice of channels.

Based upon the growth of the digital media spend in the UK (since 2000) we believe one could make a distinction between three phases. The first phase of growth of digital ad spend is characterised as a phase of testing and trial. Advertisers and agencies were driven by the prospect of a completely new channel offering innovative advertising possibilities, fully measurable, with almost instantaneous booking (and withdrawal) of advertising and all of that at a low cost.

But the advertising spends really took off in the second phase; the Digital First phase. Companies were embracing the strategy of applying more digital solutions to their own organisation also spending increasingly on digital advertising. 

The third phase started this year with a re-evaluation of print media by a number of people and companies. Simultaneously, an increasing level of criticism on the measurement, credibility and effectiveness of digital media. It seems like advertisers and their agencies are challenging their media choices made the last number of years. When talking only recently with a media agency MD, he confirmed that in the last couple of weeks he had been asked by 7 advertisers to consider including print media in the 2017 plans.
It seems that the attitude about the choice of media is changing. The presentation whether 2017 be The Tipping Point for print media, details the various reasons for this change.

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Download the Tipping Point presentation below: