Sanoma: Ad rates that are weather proof

Sendt av: Print Power 14/10/2014


We all now the impact of a rainy and cold summer on ice cream sales. Or selling winter tires when outside temperatures are too high. The advertising will not be effective because of external factors. And as the lead time for booking print ads is rather long, last minute changes are difficult.

Sanoma has now developed a new rate formula called "Shared NoRisk" and "Full NoRisk". Both formulas take into account outside weather conditions like temperature, snow, sun and rain. But also a flu epidemic is regarded as a condition. All of these conditions are measured via an independent institution using objective yardsticks. The idea is simple, upfront one of the criteria is selected as being determined for the effectiveness of the campaign. When this condition is not met advertisers will be fully reimbursed for the advertising cost when chosen Full NoRisk. Advertisers will be guaranteed a prolongation of their campaign at no additional cost when choosing for Shared NoRisk.


This system guarantees print advertisers an optimal timing of their campaign, and proves the innovate solutions provided by publishers.

Ulbe Jelluma | Print Power